Valgeir Valdimarsson is still alive.


I'm Valgeir, an award-winning person who is still alive, and not trying to sell you anything.

I made this website so you would think I’m really Busy & Important.™

But also to make you think I’m, like, this friendly and relaxed and approachable guy.

And it’s working, right now. You can feel it. Just close your eyes, and let it wash over you.

Am I right?

Because, you see, it’s really all about a little something I invented, called “personal branding.”

Just kidding. (But not really.)

My attitude towards honest, nine-to-five work is well documented.

I diligently spend up to eight hours a day making business poetry, to help companies and organizations convince people to do stuff.

Stuff like click on a button, download an app, sign up for a service, renew a subscription, run a marathon, fly to Iceland, take a second look, make an investment, vote for a guy, watch an Instagram story, complete a booking, think a nice thought, or something else.

I’ve also helped a couple of them (companies, not people) find new names for themselves.

Once I pretended to be an island, in a project that The Hairpin called a “Iceland’s calculatedly modest PR rabbit hole,” and showed up in New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix.

But for the past few years I have worked mostly with my good friends at Ueno, writing words for outfits like Reuters, Waze, Visa, Facebook, and Ueno. (Yes, very meta.)

My views on awards are not a secret.

That has not stopped people from giving some of them to me.

What else?

I’m from Reykjavík, but I’ve spent the last 14 years living and working in Berlin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, and now Prague.

To increase my social standing and cultural capital, I occasionally engage in witty repartee with my “pals” on Twitter. A message there is probably the best way to reach me.

Oh, and my name once appeared next to Elton John’s in The New Yorker. It’s a long story.

Why am I telling you all this?

Am I trying to impress you?

That depends.

Is it working?